DJ Keleher

Intern Coach in Training




I’m originally from Sioux City, IA, contractor by day, fitness coach by night;) My fitness journey began when we were expecting our 2nd son, about 3 years ago. I decided I was too out of shape to be able to keep up with 2 miniature versions of myself running around. I joined Thrive Fitness, and to my surprise found a real passion for working out! It gives me energy to get through my day, and I really enjoy being a part of something so big. When I started I never imagined I would be helping other get into shape... but I here I am! I like being able to show people no matter where you’re at or what you came from, we’re all here working on ourselves... Hard Work Pays Off:)


Laury Lau

Intern Coach




When I started This journey 8 years ago, I had just been to the doctor. They wouldn’t let me leave because my blood pressure was dangerously high, my cholesterol was at very dangerous levels, I was clinically depressed. I had just left a horribly abusive relationship and my alcohol consumption was becoming a problem. I was killing myself. I came to this gym to become healthy. And what I found here amazed me! I have participated in multiple Women’s self-defense classes. I am skilled in kickboxing and Muay Thai. I am a First Recommended blackbelt. I have nutrition basics knowledge and am familiar with scaling options for every level of athlete. I want to help everyone be functional and as fit as they can be!






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